Monday, February 9, 2015

Culture Night and Yummy Food

Well, I guess I was a bit later than a week to create a new post... Oops! The sun came back! These last few days have been wonderful. I actually didn't need to wear three layers to go outside! Haha. Jonathon and I have been getting to enjoy the sunshine; he bikes alongside me as I run around the melting lakes here. I know he probably gets bored of having to bike so slow, but he's great and I super appreciate him. :)

Last Saturday during Växjö's Culture Night we got to meet our friend family: Zum and Pär (pronounced Pear). They have a thirteen-year-old daughter whom we got to meet as well, Ella, and a sixteen-year-old son that was not with them. It was a great experience to meet them; they welcomed us with love and acceptance right away and took us throughout the town to see all of the night's events. We visited the town's museums and pondered their glass works of art (Småland is famous for its glass works), ate their Swedish dishes (goat cheese -bleh- and the yummy kladdkaka included), and even watched a fire show.

Kladdkaka with cream - yum!

Pretty crazy huh? (Sorry for the awful quality.)

Other than seeing guys throw and spit fire around, we've also gotten to get kind of cultural at our apartments. We live in apartments meant for non-European students, so while it is mostly Americans we can still learn new cultural things. Last week Jonathon and I got to make okonomiyaki with our new friends and floormates, Rika and Ayano. The best way I can explain okonomiyaki is that it's like a cabbage pancake with bacon and covered in whatever sauce you like. We used bbq and mayo haha. It was so yummy! 


We have to make every meal here - there isn't a cafeteria, so we are learning to get creative with our food! We also made homemade tortillas! They may have been kind of ugly... but they tasted fantastic!

We had to go to the migration board to finish our residence permits. I wrote about that experience here on my other blog. 

I've also gotten to have fika with my buddy again, which was a blast. I think they did a perfect job of pairing us up; she's so sweet and it's always great to meet with her! We also had dinner at Jonathon's buddy's apartment. She is also sweet and it was a good time!

Until next time :)

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